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Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.And in case you're wondering, the name 'David Hey's Collection' was chosen because the 'Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway' and 'Lost Railways of West Yorkshire' websites adopted this name back in 2007 (I contributed photos to both sites) and so I merely followed their lead.

(Below) The renowned 3.40pm Bradford-Carlisle all stations 'stopper' turned up some top-drawer engines on a daily basis in the mid-Sixties.Fast-forward a couple of years and the domain name, 'David Hey's Collection' is something of a misnomer.It implies that the site contains photographs from my own collection; that all the photographs belong to me... Worse still, I risk delivering a snub to the dozens of cameramen whose generosity allows me to post so many photos on the site in the first place, which is definitely not what I intended.Introduction by David Hey When asked by Coastline Radio 97.7FM - a local radio station on the Costa del Sol - to talk about train spotting in the Sixties, the idea did not sit easily with me - and just as I feared, when I opened my mouth to speak, a lot of emotional twaddle came out. When Beeching became BR chairman in 1961 he turned the screw even further.That's because the shock of seeing so many once-proud (and still serviceable) steam locomotives being towed away for scrap is engraved in granite, and stuff like that doesn't go away that easily. Not only did he orchestrate thousands of station closures, he slashed the railway network by half, and had the radio station given me a chance to explain this perplexing - and, some would say, chaotic background to train spotting in the Sixties - then I could have voiced my opinions in a more rational manner.

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They were obviously people in no hurry; people with time and patience, and a sense of their destiny and the importance of the train.