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Peedee dating

" Steven asked."I'm never too busy for my favorite boy," she said as she sat on the couch next to him. She's my best friend, I thought she would want to know, but it hurt her feelings that I kissed someone who wasn't her. Sounds like there was a misunderstanding," Garnet said gently. "My point is that partnership is a flexible concept.

Pearl, Amethyst, and I don't have to be romantic to be life partners. The only thing you can do is be honest with them about how you feel, and they get to decide what to do with that information." She wrapped her arm around his shoulders.

It was wrong of Connie to assume your relationship would fit a pre-written script you never agreed to."Steven took a deep breath. " She nodded once and they were silent for a few seconds. He couldn't imagine life without her, and he didn't want to.

And sometimes I think Steven doesn't either-not even his human half.

In the first intro, she is shown wearing a white and mint green dress, peach colored boots, a sunhat, and no socks.

In the second intro, she wears a white, button-down, collared tank top, gray button-up shorts, her pink glow bracelet, peach sneakers with white bottoms and laces, and white socks.

"I was really upset but I shouldn't have taken that out on you."Peedee shrugged. I know this is a weird question since you don't know me very well, but Steven's always talked about how responsible and mature you are so-can I talk to you about it? I really just want your opinion on-well, first, I know this is really personal, but do you want to date Steven? There's no way a guy can kiss another guy and not wonder if he's gay.""No, I bet he hasn't. He was Steven before you kissed him, and he's Steven now, and that's..there is to it? "I think, if he ever cared to find a label, he'd probably pick pansexual.""That one I know," Peedee said triumphantly. "Poly is Greek for 'many,' amory is Latin for 'love,' so...basically, it's dating more than one person, as long as everyone's okay with it.""So, if Steven dated both of us? "He's...he's easily the most loving person I've ever met. If it's a bad idea, we just end up back where we are now, right?

"Peedee considered her for a few seconds before nodding. I bet liking both of us hasn't confused him at all, because"-she lowered her voice to a conspiratorial hiss-"I'm not entirely sure he knows what gender is.""What! I've wondered for a while, and honestly this whole-situation we're in now just makes me wonder if he thinks gender is a tv trope, and not something real people actually deal with," she said and she was laughing, but Peedee could tell she meant it-it was something he'd never imagined, how could someone not understand gender? It's called agender, or neutrois." Her hands fidgetted in her lap. He doesn't seem bothered by missing out on it, so…""I haven't heard of that before," Peedee said. "And yeah, it does sound like Steven."Connie continued: "And last night I did some more reading. Seriously, get him to tell you the story of the Cluster sometime." She chuckled.

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Before Peedee went back to work, he'd said Steven could talk to the Gems about him, on the basis that they rarely talked to anyone else in town-and when they did, it wasn't gossip-so he didn't care if they knew he was gay. "Ruby and Sapphire's gems on the door to the temple started glowing before the door split and Garnet stepped out. I guess I always figured I'd grow up and have a family like I do now-y'know, three or four people, who all..each other and work together as a family and... And that love is just as real and valid as the love Ruby has for Sapphire, but they are different."Steven sighed.