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I rule out any that are excessively crude and/or have egregious typos—he’s a pastor’s son and methodical about grammar and punctuation even in his text messages.My eyes land on one with potential: ***** To be fair, Jason was somewhat upfront about his bisexuality—he didn’t lie about it, but he also didn’t exactly disclose it right away, either. He slowly nodded and then explained that he had never dated or been in love with a man, but had had a few male hook-ups over the years.Clearly I have issues.” ***** Once I stopped crying and hyperventilating, a little voice in my head whispered, .

The fact that he had cheated with a man sometimes seemed like the worst part of it, and sometimes seemed irrelevant.He told me about a threesome with a bandmate and the bandmate’s girlfriend. I knew better than to believe the nonsense about bisexuality being a “rest stop on the highway to homo.” Everything about the relationship so far was incredible, and we were compatible in all the important ways: emotionally, sexually, culinarily.So he was attracted to men as well as women—no big deal.Jason said I was everything he had been looking for, that I was the love of his life.Things progressed quickly; pretty soon he introduced me to his daughter and we were discussing a timeline for moving in together.

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