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Free sex and dating in liberia

The country’s healing process has been slow, due to Liberia’s poor economy and weak state infrastructure.

Rape cases and domestic violence are high, and continue to rise, women being the primary target of these violent sexual acts.

Investigators said the high rates of sexual assault in Liberia were part of the legacy of the West African nation’s two civil wars, which ran from 1989 to 2003.

It also ensures trust and confidence, meaning they will have hope of completing their education, and to make a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of their country.With the combination of an unstable family environment, poverty, high levels of physical and sexual violence such as transnational sex, empowerment through entrepreneurship would help alleviate women out of such situations.Liberia is the oldest independent nation on the African continent and has an estimated population of over four million inhabitants.A common dream is shared and festers deep in the minds of Liberia’s young, dynamic female population, a dream where there is female driven entrepreneurship, where organizations are led by women, and where women have the ability to make decisions and informed choices without discrimination or dispute — a dream where women are able to walk equally amongst men.Girls and young women in my country live in a very fragile environment, largely effected by the 14 years of civil war in our country.

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