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The date goes remarkably well—on top of their similar body types, Vanessa and Louie are wildly compatible, and genuinely enjoy one another’s company.

But, like any good episode of Louie, the good feels are simply a sheen, barely concealing an ugly truth—the uncomfortable fact of Louie’s lack of romantic interest in Vanessa is just waiting to rise to the surface.

In short, it perpetuates insanely unrealistic standards of female beauty, and has a punishing effect on the lived experiences of real women who, more often than not, will never look like Katherine Heigl.

This is the backdrop for last night’s episode of Louie, “So Did the Fat Lady,” in which Louis C. did something extraordinary—namely, made some really powerful points about gender, media, and American standards of beauty, all while avoiding the common traps of stereotyping or mansplaining.

But if there’s one small screen outrage that perpetually has these bloggers reaching for their smelling salts, it’s “unbelievable” television couples. Just Google “Patrick Wilson Girls backlash,” and wait for the hateful, Lena Dunham-bashing vitriol to bombard your screen.

The World Wide Web would have us believe that Patrick Wilson is just too darn attractive to look poor pear-shaped Hannah Horvath in the eye, let alone deign to sleep with her—this isn’t the fantastical world of Westeros, after all!

The simple fact that Vanessa is a “fat girl.” She’s more similar in size to Louie than to the thin women he’s accustomed to dating.

After turning her down multiple times, Louie finally takes Vanessa out on a coffee date (though we’re led to believe that his invitation is inspired by guilt, not attraction).

This pervasive media deification of the anorexic actress, presented in tandem with the somehow-desirable, mildly overweight man, has serious ramifications, as does the implication that chubby women don’t deserve screen time, let alone sex or human affection.These include Cartwheel of Chicken, Spanish Chicken, Dijon Chicken, Risotto, Butter Chicken, Creamy Chicken Pasta, Honey Chicken, Honey Citrus Salad, Chicken Broccoli Bake, & more.Women who have more fat in their hips and thighs are at a lower risk of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes, a new study had found.And yet, Louie doesn’t ask for her number, or try to find out where she’s off to after his set.Instead, we see Vanessa hit on Louie over and over again, with underwhelming results.

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