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We unfortunately claimed that this is Israel Story's first English-language season. Both seasons were produced in partnership with Tablet Magazine and we highly recommend you listen to all of their work at This episode was produced and reported by Molly Webster.

Special thanks go to: Israel Story, and their producers Maya Kosover, and Yochai Maital; reporters Nilanjana Bhowmick in India and Bhrikuti Rai in Nepal plus the International Reporting Project; Doron Mamet, Dr Nayana Patel, and Vicki Ferrara; with translation help from Aya Keefe, Karthik Ravindra, Turna Ray, Tom Wasserman, Pradeep Thapa, and Adhikaar, an organization in Ridgewood, Queens advocating for the Nepali-speaking community.

As we follow them on their journey, an earth shaking revelation shifts our focus from them, to the surrogate mothers.

As Amir says, they wanted to say "a big thank you." These meetings between intended parents, surrogate, and new babies are a traditional part of the surrogacy process in India and Nepal, and we heard reports from the surrogates that they also look forward to them.3) Whether the mother is carrying her own, or another’s, biological child, severing their connection at birth creates a “primal wound” in the child, because it is the prenatal bonding where their profound connection is forged.From the child’s perspective, there are no cases in which surrogacy should be allowed.O site Posições Sexuais mostra algumas sugestões para aproveitar melhor o prazer da penetração nas relações sexuais.Nosso site e um guia de Fotos grátis de posições de sexo, posições amorosas e posições eróticas.

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